Sunday, December 11, 2016

Georgia Environmental Protection Division Accepts Again Plans For Small Upgrade To Oconee County Calls Creek Sewer Plant

Original Allocation In 2003

Oconee County has received “concurrence” from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for an upgrade of its Calls Creek wastewater treatment plant from its current 0.667 million gallons per day to 1 million gallons per day of effluent.

The EPD had approved an earlier design for the upgrade of the plant in June of 2015 and had approved construction of the project on Dec. 30, 2015, but the county did not move forward on those plans.

Oconee County Commission Chairman Davis Honored At Reception At Civic Center

Davis Sees Bright Future

More than 75 people showed up at the Oconee County Civic Center this (Sunday) afternoon to honor retiring Board of Commissioners Chairman Melvin Davis for his 16 years of service to the county.

Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State, thanked Davis for his service to the county, the local community and the state of Georgia.