Monday, March 26, 2018

Citizens Plan To Address Oconee County Board Of Commissioner On Proposed Apalachee River Intake

Follow To Morgan County Meeting

Residents living along the Apalachee River in Oconee and Morgan counties who are concerned about the impact of a proposed water intake facility on the river plan to attend the Oconee County Board of Commissioners meeting tomorrow night to seek support.

The gathering will be a sequel to one the group, now organized under the name Greater Apalachee River Community, held last week with the Board of Commissioners in Morgan County.

A Proposal To Restrict Slab Home Construction In Oconee County Stirs Home Builders To Action

***Citing Market Demand***

A proposal to greatly restrict the use of slab foundations for single-family dwellings in Oconee County has met with strong negative reaction from at least a segment of the local development community.

More than 50 people crowded the room for the Planning Commission meeting last Monday night to make clear their opposition, with at least that number, maybe more, crowded into the hallway outside.