Saturday, June 20, 2020

Northeast Health District Reports Only 10 New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases On Saturday While State Reports Record 1,800 New Cases

***Northeast Health District Has No New Deaths Listed***

On the day that the Georgia Department of Public Health reported the largest number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 ever, the Northeast Health District reported only 10 new confirmed cases.

Those new cases were spread throughout the 10-county Northeast Health District, with Oconee County adding one case and Clarke County adding two.

Rescanning Of Oconee County Absentee Ballots Resulted In Four Additional Voters Being Counted

***Results Certified On Friday

The rescanning of Oconee County’s 7,422 Absentee Ballots on Wednesday did not have any impact on the outcome of the county’s elections on June 9, but it did result in the votes of four of the county’s residents being counted that were missed in the first scan.

The rescan had been agreed upon by the county Board of Elections and Registration on Tuesday because the scanner appeared to be not counting some of the Absentee Ballots that had been marked.