Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Oconee County Planning Commission To Hold Hearings On Three Rezones To Convert Residential Land To Office And Business Districts

***Dentist Office Request On List***

The Oconee County Planning Commission on Monday will hear three rezone requests for property in the northeast of the county where the owner is seeking to convert parcels currently zoned for residential use to office and business uses.

Dr. Brent and Mary Lynn Nail are seeking to rezone a 3.1 acre single family residential lot on Mars Hill Road near its intersection with the Oconee Connector so they can remove the existing residence and build a new dental office.

Oconee County School Board Approves Tentative Budget For Fiscal Year 2024 With Large Increases In Revenue And Spending

***Public Hearings Set For May 17 And 22***

The Oconee County School Board on Monday adopted a tentative Fiscal Year 2024 General Fund Budget that shows a 13.0 percent growth in revenue over the budget the Board adopted a year ago and a 17.5 percent growth in expenditures.

The revenue growth includes 11.0 percent growth in local funds, including a projected 11.1 percent increase in Property and Ad Valorem Taxes and a 14.8 percent growth in state revenue for Oconee County Schools, including for teacher pay.