Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Decline In Rolling Averages Of Added Cases And Deaths Halted In Northeast Health District

***State Releases Data On Vaccination Rates At County Level***

With the addition of 50 new cases of COVID-19 and no deaths from the disease in Tuesday’s Daily Status Report, the seven-day rolling average of added cases increased in the Northeast Health District while the rolling average of added deaths from the disease remained unchanged.

The increase in the rolling average of added cases, to 58.0 on Tuesday from 55.9 on Monday, reversed a five-day drop in the rolling average of added cases.

The seven-day rolling average of added deaths stood at 1.6 deaths per day. That average had dropped six days in a row prior to Tuesday.

Bill Approved By General Assembly To Prevent Defunding Of Police Will Have Little Impact In Oconee County

***Only Watkinsville Falls Under Restrictions Set In Place***

Oconee County Rep. Houston Gaines promoted his House Bill 286 as a way to keep local governments from reducing funding of police, but its focus is quite narrow and it will have limited effect in Oconee County if it becomes law.

The bill would constrain the budget decisions of the City of Watkinsville, but it would not affect budgeting in the county’s other three cities or of Oconee County government itself.

The bill targets cities with police departments and the 12 counties in the state that also have police departments.