Saturday, November 20, 2021

Video Shows How Redistricting Affects Residents Of Oconee And Clarke Counties

***Maps Of Counties Divided And Districts Constructed***

With a population of 41,799, Oconee County is too small to have its own House District.

Clarke County, however, has enough residents to have two districts of its own, with 9,649 residents left over.

With the addition of those 9,649 residents from Clarke, plus another 8,063 from another county, such as from the area around Statham in Barrow County, Oconee County could be whole and dominant in a House District, as it was prior to redistricting in 2011.

If Oconee and Clarke joined in a Senate District, they would need fewer than 21,000 residents from another county, such as Madison or Barrow or Walton, to form a Senate District.

The outcome of the latest round of redistricting is quite different from the outcome just described.