Saturday, January 16, 2021

Northeast Health District Adds Eight COVID-19 Confirmed Deaths As Case Numbers Decline

***Positive Rates Of Molecular Tests Also Dropping***

The Department of Public Health listed eight additional confirmed deaths from COVID-19 in the Northeast Health District in its Saturday Daily Status Report, bringing to 475 the total number of confirmed deaths from the disease in the 10-county District.

The District also added 470 new COVID-19 cases, bringing down the seven-day rolling average of added cases.

The District has added 45 deaths in the last seven days, for a seven-day rolling average of 6.4, up from 5.9 on Friday.

Oconee County Results In Jan. 5 Runoff Show Why Absentee Ballots Are Focal Point In Discussion Of Election Law Changes

***Board Of Elections And Registration Certified Jan. 5 Results***

In voting for the Jan. 5 runoff, fewer than one in four of the 23,565 Oconee County voters who cast a ballot did so on election day, according to the official election results certified by the Oconee County Board of Elections and Registration early Tuesday evening.

Nearly six in 10 of the voters participated in early in-person voting, and nearly two in 10 voted by absentee ballot.

Republican U.S. Sen. David Perdue got 68.9 percent of the overall vote in the county on Jan. 5, and eventual statewide winner Democrat John Ossoff received 31.1 percent.

Perdue got 79.7 percent of the vote on election day and 71.6 percent of those voting advanced in-person, however, he received only 46.4 percent of the absentee ballot vote.