Thursday, November 06, 2008

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read About Rezone

Get Your Corrections Here

Regular readers of The Oconee Enterprise know they often have to read between the lines to try to make sense of stories in the paper. Sometimes, even that is not enough, and it simply is not possible to disentangle a report.

The story in today's paper on the Dec. 4 postponement of the rezone hearing on Daniells Bridge Road (page A3) is a case of the latter.

I've marked up a copy of the story to correct the errors. My posting below gives further details about the meeting. The video of the meeting is available as well on the official county site.

Errors in the Enterprise are not limited to stories by one writer. The lead story in the paper today reports that Melvin Davis got 99 percent of the votes cast in the race for chairman of the Board of Commissioners. In fact, Davis got 12,803 votes and write-in candidate Tom Leach got 450, or 3.4 percent, according to the posted county figures today.

On election night the county did not initially report returns for those who voted early. Later it posted only returns for those who voted early for Davis, leaving out the write-in count. This story is an example of needing to read between the lines.

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