Sunday, December 08, 2013

Oconee County Code Enforcement Issued Permit For Restaurant in Epps Bridge Centre

Latin And Asian Cuisine

The Oconee County Code Enforcement on Monday of last week issued an interior build-out permit for Taqueria Tsunami Restaurant in Epps Bridge Centre.

The Latin and Asian fusion restaurant is to be located in the same building as children’s clothing store Carter’s and Lane Bryant, opposite the University 16 Cinema.

Restaurant Building 10/20/2013

The theater has a restaurant with a beer and wine license, but Taqueria Tsunami will be the first stand-alone restaurant in the new strip mall at the Oconee Connector and Epps Bridge Parkway.

The permit was signed by the Code Enforcement Office on Nov. 5, but B.R. White, director of that office, told me in an email message on Monday that the permit had just been picked up that day.

Reports In August

The Oconee Enterprise reported in its Aug. 15 edition that Taqueria would open in the mall in November. Epps Bridge Centre developer Frank Bishop was identified as the source of that information.

William Kinsey of Marietta is listed as the owner of the restaurant on the building permit.

The permit itself was issued to Onsite Contractors Inc. of Atlanta.

The permit was the first issued by the county for Epps Bridge Centre since October, when it issued a permit for Carter’s and another for SportClips.

More than 90 percent of the built space in the mall now has tenants.

Building Specs

The permit issued last week is for 2,340 square feet of space, with 1,430 square feet designated as service area.

Construction is expected to start on Tuesday and be completed by Feb. 1, according to the permit.

Estimated cost of the construction covered by the permit is $100,000.

The business name behind the restaurant is Tsunami Wave Athens.


Anonymous said...

Epps Bridge is ridiculous. Not at all walkable. Have to drive from store to store. How did this happen???

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you had to drive??? How do you ever make it at a mall where you have to walk???

Hollander said...

I love Epps Crossing. It's like a little bit of Snellville in our own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Every smart developer in America is building walkable shopping area's with public gathering spaces, like the courtyard at Atlantic Station, with its very cool snow maker during the holidays.

Yet Melvin and the planning commission allowed this poorly designed mega-strip mall without a peep of caution. The planning commission operates without any public scrutiny. They clearly have their own interests at heart; the interests of the rest of us never crosses their minds.