Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oconee County Planning Commission To Discuss Medical Complex, RV Storage, Tenant Farm Dwelling

Big Project Not Controversial

The Oconee County Planning Commission is scheduled to take up three rezone requests tomorrow night, the largest of which in terms of financial impact is likely to prove the least controversial.

After asking that its request be tabled in October, Oconee Medical Holdings LLC is seeking approval tomorrow of a rezone of a little more than 14 acres at Jennings Mill Road and Virgil Langford Road for construction of Phase III of Three Sixteen Professional Quarter.

Sign At Phase II

If approved, the medical and general office complex will stretch from SR 316 to Jennings Mill Road. Developers are estimating the value of this third phase alone at $30 million.

The Commission also will evaluate a rezone request from property owners Herbert E. Michael and Mark Selvidge to construct an enclosed and canopy parking facility for recreational vehicles and boats on five acres at the northeast corner of New High Shoals Road and Union Church Road.

Finally, the Planning Commission will review a request from Samuel F. Border to divide his 15 acres on SR 15 south of Watkinsville into two lots, one for a single-family home and the other for what had been built as a tenant house.

The Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners rejected a similar plan in 2012 when nearby residents objected.

Phase III

Oconee Medical Holdings LLC is asking the Planning Commission to rezone the 14 acres at Jennings Mill Road and Virgil Langford Road from agricultural use (A-1) to highway highway business use (B-2).

This acreage will be part of a 65-acre complex including medical and professional offices and a retirement community.

Phase I is largely occupied. Construction is continuing on Phase II, but a number of buildings have tenants.

Oconee Medical Holdings is proposing to construct seven buildings totaling 140,000 square feet in size for Phase III. The project is expected to be fully built out in five to seven years,

The project will have entrances off both Jennings Mill Road and Virgil Langford Road and will connect to the other phases of the project by bike and golf cart path.

The area surrounding the project is being developed for office and business use, with medical use predominating.

Watkinsville RV Storage

The project at New High Shoals Road and Union Church Road is being called Watkinsville RV Storage and will be developed by Watkinsville Storage, with leasing handled out of that company’s facility at 67 Greensboro Highway (SR 15) in the industrial park in Watkinsville.

The request is to rezone the land from Agriculture-1 use to Office-Institutional-Professional use to construct a secure automobile commercial parking lot and garages for recreational vehicles and boats.

The plan is to have garages fronting the roadways and canopied parking areas on the interior of the development.

Access will be from a single driveway from Union Church Road. The project is valued at $2.6 million, according to the project narrative.

The property is surrounded on the north, east and west by single family residences, a residential subdivision and undeveloped land.

On the south, across Union Church Road, is a grading company operation, which was formerly an auto repair shop, as well as a single-family residential subdivision, single-family residences and undeveloped land.

Border Request

The 15 acres Border is seeking to divide is part of a subdivison consisting of 210 acres created in 1993.

The original development plan for the subdivision proposed a total of seven lots, but, at this time, nine lots have been created, according to planning documents.

The smallest tract created from the original subdivision is just less than 10 acres, and the largest tract is approximately 58 acres.

A single-family residence was constructed on the Border property in 1996, and a farm tenant dwelling was constructed in 2007.

Border is seeking approval to administratively subdivide the property into two tracts, one of just less than five acres for the farm tenant dwelling, with the remaining acreage for the existing single-family dwelling.

Border has proposed creating separate driveways for the two properties.

Staff Recommendations

The Oconee County Planning Department staff recommended approval of the Oconee Medical Holdings request in early October.

The developer requested the delay in Planning Commission review but, in the end, did not make any changes to the plans.

Staff also recommended approval of the Watkinsville RV Storage proposal with the condition that principal land uses allowed on the site be limited to a commercial parking and storage garage facility and administrative and professional offices.

The staff also recommended that use of recreational vehicles on the site for game-day parking, overnight occupancy, temporary residency or any other residential purpose be prohibited.

Staff also recommended approval of the Border request but stipulated that prior to any subdivision of the subject property, the “property owner shall amend Building Permit Application #51698 to state the correct total heated floor area and structural dimensions of the Farm Tenant Dwelling.”

The staff also recommended that the owner remove the designation of the building as farm tenant dwelling and “pay all additional permit fees generated resulting from amendment of the building permit application.”

The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners, which is scheduled to take up all three rezone issues on Jan. 6. The Planning Commission meeting starts at 7 p.m in the Courthouse.

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Anonymous said...

The Border Farm Tenant House was allowed for a Hay Farm that never existed. The Farm Tenant House was built over twice the size allowed by county law. I find the county at fault if they allow the subdivision. Very incompetent.