Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Watkinsville Voters Approve Liquor-By-The-Drink Referendum In Special Election Today

Light Turnout

Watkinsville voters have overwhelmingly approved a referendum allowing for the sale of alcoholic drinks in addition to beer and wine in city restaurants.

By 4 to 1 ratios, voters in both the City Hall and Annex precincts authorized the Watkinsville Mayor and Council to pass an ordinance establishing liquor-by-the-drink licenses, bringing the city into line with the unincorporated parts of the county.

Mayor Charles Ivie
Checks Results 3/17/2015

Turnout was light, with only 265 of the city’s 1,759 registered voters (15.1 percent) going to the polls today or during early voting.

The final vote tally was 216 in favor (81.5 percent) and 49 opposed (18.5 percent).

Precinct Votes In November

On Nov. 4 of last year, 61.5 percent of the voters in the City Hall precinct approved liquor by the drink in county restaurants, and 64.9 percent of the voters in the Annex precinct approved of the liquor referendum.

Those figures included both city and county residents living in those precincts.

The Board of Elections and Registration Office was unable to separate out votes by city residents from votes cast in the precincts but outside the city, necessitating the special election only for Watkinsville residents.

The unofficial vote totals from today’s election show that 152 city voters (81.3 percent) in the City Hall precinct approved the referendum, and 64 (82.1 percent) approved the referendum in the Annex precinct.

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Those who cared voted.
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