Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Land Being Cleared For Lavista Office Park On U.S. 441 In North East Oconee County

Joins Other Office Projects

Work is well underway on the clearing of 13.4 acres at the corner of U.S. 441 and Lavista Road for construction of what is being called Lavista Office Park.

Preliminary site plans filed with the Oconee County Planning Department a year ago show construction of a 12,000-square-foot professional office building at the southern end of the lot nearest to the Waffle House at 8000 Macon Highway (U.S. 441).

The remainder of the lot, which contains an existing house close to Lavista Road, is shown as undeveloped on those plans. No building permit had been issued for the property as of last Friday.

The office building will join a number of others under construction in the same general area of the county.

Health Park

The county issued a permit on Jan. 5 for Building 200 at the corner of Jennings Mill Road and Virgil Langford.

Lavista Office Park

That 44,000-square-foot building, already under construction, joins a similarly sized building also being built on the lot.

The two buildings are part of a health park being put together by a North Carolina real estate development company that specializes in medical office projects.

Athens Regional Health System, parent company of Athens Regional Medical Center, will be the tenant in the first building in the proposed seven-building complex, according to architectural plans submitted to the Oconee County Planning Department.

ARMC And Health Park

Dr. Charles Peck, president and CEO of Athens Regional, told a gathering of the Athens Regional Foundation and the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce at the Jennings Mill Country Club in September that Athens Regional could be interested in additional space in the health park.

Legacy Office Park

Legacy Office Park LLC submitted initial plans to the county on Dec. 11, 2015, for building 400 in the condominium office park on Hog Mountain Road across from Stonebridge Parkway.

Legacy Office Park

The building faces Hog Mountain road west of the park’s entrance and join a cluster of small office buildings surrounding a parking lot on the site.

An additional, larger building is planned for the front of the park, also facing Hog Mountain Road.

Darrell Sosbee is the developer.

Daniells Bridge Road

The office building in the University Parkway Office and Technology Park at 2500 Daniells Bridge Road has been framed out

The building will be 18,000 square feet in size and two stories tall.

The first of two buildings that will make up the Sentry Self Storage facility at the end of Virgil Langford Road after it crosses an orphaned section of Jennings Mill Road is nearing completion.

Borrow Area

A five-acre lot at the corner of Cliff Dawson Road and Mars Hill Road also is being cleared, but no construction plans have been filed with the county.

G.P.’s Enterprises, the firm doing the construction work on Mars Hill Road, is taking soil from the site for the roadway project. G.P.’s filed plans with the Oconee County Planning Department on Oct. 15, 2015, for the “borrow area” and grading and site development.

Gunter Property

Construction on the lot at the corner of U.S. 441 and Lavista Road has been slow to develop.

Williams and Associates, 2470 Daniells Bridge Road, filed a site plan and related documents for the property on Oct. 2 of 2014. Those plans are nearly the same as those filed on Jan. 20, 2015.

The January 2015 site plan lists Fred Gunter Property LLC as the owner.

The Board of Commissioners turned down a rezone request by Gunter Property in July of 2007 for B-2 Highway Business classification for the property. The plan was for a shopping center.

When the request came back to the BOC in 2009 following the filing of a lawsuit, the Board denied the B-2 rezone request but approved an OIP rezone, which had not been requested.


Anonymous said...

We are now officially Gwinnett County.
No going back now.
Will there be any farms left in Oconee in 25, 30 years from now?
And no one's happier than Melvin, Frank Bishop and Jamie Boswell.

Anonymous said...

With the up coming 4 lane project of SR 441 and then comes the widening of Colham Ferry Rd. The commissioners will allow the developers to run the waterlines and or sewer because it saves the county money and there will be no reason for the subdivisions and or commercial development not to follow. Once the sprawl of the subdivisions begins a farmer won't be able to keep people off his land and he will be forced to sell because his one voice to be able to raise chickens, cows, dairy, hay or trees will be out voted by the many who live around him or her in the subdivisions. They will wont to bring with them the "convenience" of the city ie. "commercial development" and the commissioners will need the tax revenue of commercial development to be able to fund all the extra services that will be demanded. Yes we are Gwinnett.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you chicken littles should leave now for Oglethorpe County before the dreadful downfall!

Sorry for the snark but I find it hard to find fault with increasing medical services in our community along existing commercial corridors.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31 PM: Is there any actual plan?

No, there's not.

There's whomever hires Jamie Boswell as their agent, whomever has Melvin's ear that week, whichever old Oconee Power Family wants to make a buck, etc.

If there was an actual plan for sustainable growth, I'm all in.

It's all hodgepodge right now in Oconee. I've seen it firsthand in Gwinnett.

Let's meet back here in 10 years and see which one of us was more accurate.

Xardox said...

1. Yes, thee's clear development plan with proper zoning adopted many years back. While it lacks clear authority, so far so good.
You will notice that major development is limited mostly along the GA-316 corridor. Areas south of Watkinsville are clearly intended to remain rural and farming.
2. So far what is being built or considered is high-quality, professional and clean projects, which means high-paying.
3. It is up to us citizens of the county to remain vigilant to maintain the quality Oconee County we desire. Attending commissioner and school board meetings is essential

Anonymous said...


In the year 2016, why aren't Board of Commissioners meetings televised? Near impossible with kids to attend the meetings. Thankfully Lee taps them now, but he shouldn't have to, and it's not sustainable. Melvin and the four followers have a duty to have the meetings televised!

Lee Becker said...
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Lee Becker said...

The county does not televise BOC meetings, but it does record those held in the Commission Chamber. They are made available for subsequent viewing at: