Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Oconee County Issues Permit For New LED Sign On Mars Hill Road


Oconee County has issued a permit to USA Outdoor for a two-sided LED sign on Mars Hill Road just south of the intersection with Daniells Bridge Road.

The 8 foot by 12 foot sign will sit atop a single pole that will be just at the edge of a sediment pond on the triangular piece of undeveloped property across Daniells Bridge Road from QuikTrip.

The 1.8-acre parcel on which the sign will set is owned by JJMB LLC, Alex Keller and Susanne Chastain, with a business address of 1281 Meriweather Drive in Jennings Mill.

The top of the sign will be 35 feet about the ground level.

One Of Three

The Oconee County Code Enforcement Office issued the sign permit on March 4.

The sign as permitted will be closer to Daniells Bridge Road–and further away from Barber Creek Drive--than originally proposed.

Sign Ahead From QuikTrip Lot

Oconee County issued a permit for an 8 foot by 12 foot LED sign at SR 316 and McNutt Creek Road on Sept. 29 of last year.

Application for an additional LED sign at the Oconee Connector and SR Loop 10 is pending.

Both issued permits were to USA Outdoor, with an Athens post office box address. Lou Ferrando is listed as the principal.

The value of both signs was listed as $35,000.


uk-usa said...

How annoying! It's not really a busy commercial area on that corner. It should have been installed on 316. Last time I looked there were still residents living on Mars Hill opposite Daniells Bridge Rd. Adding more flickering electric advertisements in the area will unfortunately make it look like the "strip" in Las Vegas soon.

Fran Beall said...

Mars Hill Road is going to end up looking like Snellville - there's no stopping it now.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, here come the Billboards! An ostentatious digital one to boot

Sign Pollution: Just another legacy of the Melvin Davis administration

We are officially a future Gwinnett County, which is one of the ugliest, most poorly planned and zoned counties anywhere

Way to go, Commission Chair Davis

Anonymous said...

People move here to get away from the Atl./Gwinnett boondoggle. Hope the incoming commissioners will do better.
Unfortunately can't go back to the simpler times.

Xardox said...

This project has been in the works for thirty years and is in accordance with the long-range zoning plan.
I do agree that this permit for the billboard was a mistake.
There goes the sight vision for the entire corridor.
Keeping the view clean would have made the difference.

cheryl said...

Noticed the construction today for this 3 sided digital billboard. Totally inappropriate for this area. Billboards already clutter every road entering Athens-Clarke. Nothing but visual clutter.

Lee Becker said...

The sign is triangular, but only two sides of the triangle will have signs on them, according to the permit.