Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Plurality Of Oconee County Republican Voters Chose Trump, While Majority Of Democrats Chose Clinton

Turnout 54%

Just more than 31 percent of voters in Oconee County who used the Republican ballot chose businessman Donald Trump as their candidate in presidential primary voting, while just more than 52 percent of those who cast a Democratic ballot chose former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio got just more than 28 percent of the vote, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz got just less than 26 percent.

The remainder of the Republican vote was spread across the wide range of names on the ballot, with Ohio Governor John Kasich getting just more than 7 percent and neurosurgeon Ben Carson getting just more than 6 percent.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders got just more than 47 percent of the Democratic vote.

Unofficial Returns

The unofficial returns show that Trump ran strongest in Antioch and Farmington precincts in the south of the county and weakest in City Hall, which includes much of Watkinsville, and Athens Academy, to the northeast of Watkinsville.

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Clinton did best in Farmington and Athens Academy.

Just less than 80 percent of the 11,472 voters who went to the polls today or in early voting used the Republican ballot.

Oconee County has 21,402 active voters, meaning that turnout was 53.6 percent.

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Addendum March 2 (11:20 a.m.)

Statewide returns were not complete when I posted last night.

Trump did less well in Oconee County than he did statewide (38.9 percent). The same was true for Clinton, who got 71.3 percent of the vote statewide.

Trump did less well in Oconee County than he did in any of its neighboring counties with the exception of Clarke County.

Clinton also did less well in Oconee County than in any of the surrounding counties with the exception of Clarke County.

The surrounding counties are listed below, counterclockwise.

Clarke: Trump 26.7%; Clinton 50.7%

Jackson: Trump 42.9%; Clinton 61.4%

Barrow: Trump 40.8%; Clinton 61.7%

Walton: Trump 41.6%; Clinton 70.0%

Morgan: Trump 40.0%; Clinton 77.5%

Greene: Trump 41.2%; Clinton 85.8%

Oglethorpe: Trump 43.9%; Clinton 60.5%


Anonymous said...

Amazed that Clinton only 50.7% in Clark Co.
Disappointed that Trump only 31% in Oconee Co. However it shows how much the republicans in Oconee Co. are entrenched in nepotism and the good old boy political way of doing things. Hope when Trump is the nominee that they don't drop out, or worse yet vote Democratic just to spite.

Beanne said...

Clinton result in Clarke not that amazing. There is a strong Bernie Sanders supporting group in that county. The Republican Party is quite split, that is for sure.