Saturday, April 09, 2016

Boswell Commercial Appaiser Advises Oconee County Residents Of Potential Negative Impact Of Calls Creek Sewer Line

Offers Expert Advice

David Titshaw, a commercial appraiser with The Boswell Group, has sent members of the Friends of Calls Creek an email saying that people living along the creek should be anxious about the impact of the proposed sewer line on the value of their property.

“You and your community are right to be concerned with the after effects of any proposed easement, particularly sewer,” Titshaw wrote.

Titshaw said in the email he specializes in eminent domain acquisitions, easements, and right of ways and has provided appraisals, expert witness testimony and negotiation consultation. He said those who want to know more about his services should contact him.

Titshaw’s solicitation letter is of particular significance because the Boswell Group, for which he works, is owned by Jamie Boswell, Athens commercial realtor and area representative to the Georgia Transportation Board, which oversees the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Boswell was appointed to his position with the support of Oconee County’s representatives to the Georgia General Assembly, Rep. Regina Quick, Rep. Chuck Williams and Sen. Bill Cowsert.

Titshaw Message

Titshaw sent his email message to Cindy Mitchell-McGarvey, a realtor with LGM Realty, on March 30.

Mitchell-McGarvey has been one of the organizers of Friends of Calls Creek, which formed after the county announced plans to run a sewer line from its Calls Creek wastewater plant outside Watkinsville to the Middle Oconee River through the Calls Creek corridor.

Titshaw told Mitchell-McGarvey that he had seen a story about the opposition to the sewer line in the Athens Banner-Herald.

“It is imperative that the people of these waters, and the lands that the sewer lines may traverse, educate themselves and unite as one group,” Titshaw said. “Now is the time to form a strategy of action.”

Titshaw And Boswell

Titshaw told Mitchell-McGarvey the Calls Creek sewer line project is of “particular importance” to him because he lives on the Oconee River in Oconee County.

Titshaw lives on Skipstone Drive, off Barnett Shoals Road. His lot fronts on the Oconee River.

Titshaw is listed as a member of both the Real Estate and Appraisal teams on the Boswell web site.

Titshaw served as an appraiser for Faye C. Kellar, 1191 Mars Hill Road, in her successful attempt to get a higher settlement offer from the Georgia Department of Transportation for property taken as part of the Mars Hill Road widening.

I obtained records of Titshaw’s involvement in that settlement through an open records request I filed with the county last year.

Parker On Impact

Titshaw asked Mitchell-McGarvey to share his “contact information” with others who want to know more about his services, but his message about the negative impact of the sewer line was nothing new to the residents.

Even the proponents of the pipeline acknowledge its impact.

Jimmy Parker from Precision Planning Inc., with offices in Monroe, told those who gathered at the meeting on March 28 to learn more about the county’s plans that he personally had walked the creek as part of the survey work PPI did for the project.

“There are some places on Calls Creek that are so rare and so beautiful that I would swear I was up in the mountains of Northeast Georgia,” Parker says at 3 minutes and 15 seconds into the video below. “I mean it is very unique in this part of the state.”

OCO: Parker On Survey Work from Lee Becker on Vimeo

Ultimately, it will be up to the Oconee County Board of Commissioners to vote to go forward with the proposed pipeline.

If residents refuse to sell the easements to the county, the commissioners will have to vote to condemn property to get those easements.


Anonymous said...

The million dollar question regarding the incoming John Daniell administration is whether he will allow Jamie Boswell and Frank Bishop to run Oconee County, or will Daniell have the guts to tell Boswell. to take his many conflicts of interest with him and go back to his own county.

You too Frank Bishop.

Xardox said...

Is this some kind of spook spoof to drive a neighborhood out?
Why would Jamie Boswell via Titshaw possibly even care?
Only reason is to drive prices down for some reason.
Of course the drop in a perceived, virtual, ephemeral, subjective and negotiable value or worth or price will immediately reflect in lowered TAX appraisals. Right?
Or do you still believe in the Easter Bunny?

Anonymous said...

Not as long as we have the current Dept. Head. Very hard to deal with. Personality of a brick wall.