Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Horton And Wiedower Will Meet In December For Runoff In Oconee County Board Of Commission Race

The 905 mailed in absentee ballots, counted after this story was posted, did not affect any of the elections except for Watkinsville Post 5. Dan Matthews ended up leading Mark Melvin by 1 vote, but neither got a majority because five persons wrote in the name of a candidate.

Tie In Watkinsville

Oconee County voters will be back at the polls on Dec. 6 to decide the outcome of the special election to fill Post 2 on the Board of Commissioners, as none of the three candidates got more than 50 percent of the vote.

With all but about 900 absentee ballots counted, Chuck Horton had 45.1 percent of the vote, Marcus Wiedower had 30.5 percent, and Ben Bridges had 23.7 percent.

Horton and Wiedower will meet in the runoff.

In the Watkinsville City Council race for Post 4, Christine Tucker had 50.8 percent, to 17.3 percent for Rosevelyn Garrison and 31.2 percent for Janice Richardson

Dan Matthews and Mark Melvin had 547 votes each in the Post 5 race, or 49.8 percent. The absentee ballots likely will decide that race.

County voters approved Sunday sales of alcohol by the drink and Sunday package sales of beer and wine, with 68.5 percent and 68.3 percent yes votes respectively.

The Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax issue on the ballot got a yes vote from 70.2 percent of the voters.

National And State Races

Donald Trump received 66.3 percent of the vote in Oconee County, to Hillary Clinton’s 27.0 percent and Gary Johnson’s 4.6 percent.


In the Senate race, incumbent Republican Johnny Isakson got 73.2 percent of the vote in Oconee County. Democrat Jim Barkesdale received 22.2 percent, and Libertarian Allen Buckley got 4.5 percent.


Oconee County voter went strongly against Constitutional Amendment 1, which would give the state the authority to take over failing schools.

The preliminary figures without the absentee ballots were 70.8 percent opposed.

Oconee County voters approved Amendment 2 creating a fund to provide services for child victims of sexual abuse, with 80.7 percent casting a yes vote.

Voters in the county also approved Amendment 3 (54.1 percent), which would replace the independent judicial qualification commission with one appointed by the governor and top legislative leaders, and Amendment 4 (80.0 percent), would dedicate revenues from existing taxes on fireworks to trauma care, fire services and public safety.

Turnout was 81.2 percent of active voters.


Anonymous said...

How does one make a campaign contribution to Horton?
Guess Marcus and Goddard will call Nevada for more money...

rightway1974 said...

Horton will win. As you can see by the votes cast, we sure dont wont Weidower and his developer friends running the BOC. He should of have been honest about his connections and intent.

Anonymous said...

Hate that there has to be a run off when it really wasn't even close. Horton won this election by more than 3k votes.
He will win it by more in the run off because Ben's votes will go to Horton. Wiedower has not been transparent during this process and does not have the experience needed.

Anonymous said...

Agree with comments.

Hope Bridges supporters will vote for Horton in runoff. Bridges and Horton ran a fair race and are honest men. Both are committed to the best for Oconee County. Mr. Horton will make sure it is done.

zippity said...

Run offs always depend on who returns to vote. Most people don't, so you cannot take anything for granted. If you want Mr. Horton to be elected, put D3c 6 on your calendar and make the time to vote. The county does need him.

Anonymous said...

Any chance there would be early voting for this runoff? We will out of town when this vote takes place. As previous comments indicate, it would seem that Mr. Horton would win, but there could also be voter apathy about returning to the polls.

Anonymous said...

Will there any chance at early voting, we will be out of town but want to show our support for Mr. Horton.

Anonymous said...

Tunout is gonna be low probably 3-5k

Lee Becker said...

I am trying to learn about early voting. I will post when I know.

Anonymous said...

You can get a mail in paper ballot from Elections Office, or there will be some days of early voting at the Elections Office. Call them for details at 706-769-3958

Anonymous said...

Friends of Calls Creek
11:01 am Friday November 11

A Meeting with County Utility Director Wayne Haynie

FOCC'r Jim McGarvey met with Director Wayne Haynie for 50 minutes this past Wednesday morning, November 9th, to discuss what, if any recommendations he would be forwarding to the Board of Commissioners regarding the upgrade to the Calls Creek plant and alternative pipeline routes. The takeaways from that meeting are:
•Mr. Haynie is not sure, one way or another, if the plant rebuild will be voted on in 2016.The design is almost complete, a few permits have to be issued, as well as the process of informing the BOC and the public

•He said that any potential arrangement with Athens-Clarke County to purchase sewage processing capacity would not stop the Calls Creek plant rebuild.
•However, an arrangement in 4-5 years with A-CC might be a long-term answer.
•From an engineering perspective, a 24" pipeline down Calls Creek is the best decision for the county.
•Mr. Haynie agreed, that our "fight" has been fought on a professional level and will remain that way. Further, he said he has been transparent with all the Utility's information and plans will continue to remain transparent.
•There was also a discussion about Athens-Clarke County Unified Government recently voting not to put any utility pipes down two creeks so as to not damage their fragile ecology. Mr. Haynie feels this is a bad precedent and in any event could be reversed by a new governing board.

An Interview

Also , on Wednesday, Cindy and Jim McGarvey were interviewed, at their residence on the Calls Creek, by UGA Grady School of Digital Broadcast Journalism's Nathaniel Seth McDaniel. Please see the below link to the two minute video:


Dates of Importance

Tuesday, November 29th - BOC Agenda Setting Meeting

Tuesday, December 6th - Regular BOC Meeting; and Runoff Election for BOC Post 2 between Chuck Horton and Marcus Wiedower.

Sunday, January 1st 2017 - Arrival of the new BOC

Plus any unscheduled dates the current Chairman sees fit to call a BOC meeting.

FOCC has its own Face Book page!

Like Us @ https://www.facebook.com/friendsofcallscreek.org/

Locations Needed in Downtown Watkinsville for "No Sewer" Signs

If you know a merchant or homeowner on any of the main streets in Watkinsville, please explain our predicament and ask permission to place one of our "No Sewer" signs.