Saturday, December 03, 2016

RaceTrac To Open Remodeled Store At U.S. 441 And Hog Mountain Road By End Of Year

Complete Upgrade Underway

The remodeling of the RaceTrac store at the corner of Hog Mountain Road and U.S. 441 north of Watkinsville is in the final stages and should be completed by the end of the month, according to Karissa Bursch, communications manager for the the Atlanta-based company.

The new store will have a more modern store layout that includes updated building architecture, a new Swirl World frozen treat station, an expanded coffee area with more counter space, according to Bursch.

Plans filed with the Oconee County Planning Department show an outdoor patio with picnic tables on the south side of the station, and workers were busy with that part of the $590,000 remodeling project today (Saturday).

The county issued a building permit for complete remodeling of the store on Oct. 17. The permit application had estimated the project would have been completed by Nov. 15.

Site Details

The 3,969-square-foot building housing the convenience store will be expanded to 4,114 square feet in size, according to the site and utility plan filed with the county Planning Department.

Re-Opening Soon (12/3/2016)

Total retail space will be 1,747 square feet.

The building was constructed in 2004, according to county tax records, and sits on just less than 2 acres.

Total assessed value is $614,513. The property is owned by Semantic Realty LLC of Smyrna.

The store has been completely closed during remodeling, and the screening around the site has been removed only in recent days.

Swirl World

Bursch told me in an email message yesterday that the Swirl World is a “guest favorite.”

She describes it as a “frozen treat station (that) offers a variety of frozen yogurt, ice cream and Italian Ice flavors (with swirling potential!) and an assortment of 41 toppings, including fresh fruits, chocolates and candies.”

The new signage for the convenience store and gas station promotes the Swirl World.

The updated RaceTrac food offering in the store will include pizza slices, breakfast sandwiches, hot and cold lunch sandwiches, salads, wraps, fruit cups, whole fruits, and fresh-baked pastries, Bursch said.

RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. operates more than 600 company-owned and third-party contract operated stores under the RaceTrac and RaceWay names in 12 southern states, according to the company web site.

The company also has an Oconee County store at Mars Hill Road and U.S. 78.


Anonymous said...

The construction crew at that stripped down lot across from Oconee Elementary school was burning brush and debris and really had the smoke flaring thick and high...unsafely so.

I noticed there was no silt fencing around the lot and the exposed fill.

Please, please tell me that lot is not going to be a fast food restaurant. That would make for a horrendous traffic mess across from the elementary school and entrance to Oconee Primary School.

And macro-wise, the last thing Oconee needs is another fast food restaurant. In that area alone there's a Subway, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, fast food BBQ, two Asian restaurants, a Waffle House and Golden Chick down the street, etc.

County Economic Development Director JR Charles has not done his job well. Fast food is not sustainable economic development. JR Charles is too busy passing off a pro-auto dealership report from an auto dealership manager as his own work.

Isn't Marcus Wiedower's former boss Ken Beall the county insider who's pushing for more and more fast food restaurants??

We need better commissioners who are aware and informed, ethical and voacl when need be...the opposite of Bubber Wilkes and MArk Saxon.

Xardox said...

The RaceTrac site has been very busy since its open. This company knows how to make a buck while keeping its customers happy.
Of course Oconee will be a highly attractive site for the fast-food, high traffic crowd. With the crowding of such in the Epps Bridge Parkway region, that industry will seek to saturate the area with the appealing roof-counts and per-capita income of our county.
Only with great vigilance will the flavor of Oconee be preserved.
Early voting is over. Tuesday the Sixth is an important decision point for the citizens of Oconee.

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomas has supported Marcus Wiedower so we can assume how he is going to vote starting January. I wish now I could redo my vote. It might be possible to have 4 people with questionable motives come January. Tuesday night will tell the tale of the direction our county. Those of conviction must vote and attend meetings Tuesday.