Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oconee County Review Committee Approved Site Plans For Retail Building Near Oconee Health Campus

Fire Station Moving

The Oconee County Development Review Committee has approved the preliminary site plans for an 11,500-square-foot retail building on Jennings Mill Road opposite the newly opened Piedmont Athens Regional Oconee Health Campus.

The retail building will be on one of four lots on a 5 acre parcel tucked between Jennings Mill Road and the Oconee Connector at SR Loop 10. The recently cleared land abuts another 2.5-acre-parcel at the corner of Virgil Langford Road and Jennings Mill Road.

The Oconee County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on July 17 for rezone of a nearby parcel between the Oconee Connector and Daniells Bridge Road that currently houses the Barber Creek Fire Station.

The county is seeking to convert that property of just less than 1 acre to business use as it prepares to move the fire station to a so-far-unspecified location in the area.

DRC Action

At its meeting on June 16 the Development Review Committee also approved the preliminary site plans for a convenience store at Belmont Road and Bob Godfrey Road in the small portion of Oconee County east of the Oconee River.

Firefighters And Rezone Wanted

The convenience store will have 1,345 square feet on each of two stories and be on 8 acres just east of the Oglethorpe County line and south of the Clarke County line.

The convenience store will not have fuel pumps.

Pam and Marsha Halloran own the property and have promised to construct a building to resemble an old-fashioned general store to serve the three-county area.

The Development Review Committee is made up of representative of departments in the county involved in development.

Health Complex

The retail building on Jennings Mill Road will be across the street from the two-building complex that presently makes up the Piedmont Athens Regional complex.

The building will front on Jennings Mill Road and follow the road’s curving contour.

The preliminary site plans shows another lot behind the planned building and two others to the building’s north.

Another 2.6-acre parcel is at the corner of Jennings Mill Road and Virgil Langford Road, and the submitted plans do not indicate how or whether that land will be subdivided.

The properties are owned by John-John Investments LLC. Gavin Griffeth of Colbert is the registered agent for John-John Investments LLC.

The DRC approvals of the site plans for John-John Investments and the Hallorans were conditional on minor changes requested during the review process.

I did not attend the DRC meeting and relied on the documents submitted as well as the draft minutes in writing this report.

Fire Station

Oconee County built the 4,800-square-foot Barber Creek Fire station in 1997, according to county tax records.

The land and building are valued at $389,007 on the 2017 tax roll.

The county is seeking to change the zoning of the property from Office Institutional Professional to Business as it prepares to sell or exchange it for land for a future fire station.

Nothing has been discussed publicly about such a sale or property swap.

The county’s rezone request for its property is scheduled to be before the Planning Commission on July 17 and the Board of Commissioners on Aug. 1.

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