Thursday, February 15, 2018

Oconee County Issues Building Permit For Online Grocery Operation At Epps Bridge Walmart

March Launch

Oconee County issued a building permit late last month for alterations to the Walmart Super Center, 1911 Epps Bridge Parkway, to incorporate an online grocery operation at the store.

Included is restriping of parking on the west side of the building to denote online grocery pickup parking and parking lot signage for the designated area.

The permit also included minor electrical work for the order stations.

Work on the $69,793 upgrade is expected to be completed by Feb. 19, but the online grocery service isn’t expected to be operational until the end of next month.

At present, the nearest Walmart with an online grocery operation is in Loganville.

Kroger at 1720 Epps Bridge Parkway currently is offering online grocery shopping.

Online Grocery Launch

Walmart announced in September of last year the expansion of its online grocery pickup operation.

Orange At Far Left Of Building For Online Grocery Parking

According to a news release from that time, Online Grocery Pickup gives customers access to more than 40,000 items, including fresh produce and meat, grocery staples, and seasonal items.

Customers visit the grocery shopping web site or use the Walmart Grocery mobile app to create a shopping list.

During checkout, the customer selects a time to pick up the groceries at the store.

Orange Pickup Area

Trained shoppers fill the order.

Shoppers go to the designated Online Grocery Pickup parking spaces marked in orange.

A store employee retrieves the order and loads it into the customer’s car.

The news release says the service is free to customers, and there is no price markup on products sold.

Media Relations

I contacted the business office of the Epps Bridge Center Walmart on Monday to get information on the launch of the online grocery operation here in Oconee County.

The manager I spoke with said the service will be operational on March 29 and referred me to the national Media Relations office.

I left a message with that office on Monday and received a the statement that “We strive to return media calls within one business day.”

I called again this morning and left another message but did not get a response.

The news release from Sept. 6 detailing the operation of the online grocery is here.

Oconee County issued the building permit on Jan. 24, and work on the parking area was underway when I visited the store today (Thursday).

The exterior of the southwestern corner of the building already is colored orange.


Anonymous said...

Why in the world is this of any general interest?
Must be because of the Big Money Gorilla.

Lee Becker said...

Anonymous 4:56,

Thanks for this comment. I was interested in what the permit was for when I saw it and tried to learn more. I realized that Walmart was going to use the Epps Bridge Parkway store to roll out this service, which isn't available in the county yet. That interested me, and I decided to share what I had learned.

I do watch what people read on the blog. The number of people who came back to the blog to read the story on the Walmart permit is 247. That is out of about 1,000 people who get notification of posts when I make them and is pretty normal for stories I post.

I certainly recognize that not everyone will find every story I post of interest. I try to create some variability, and the Walmart post, in part, was to create some diversity in offerings.