Friday, April 03, 2020

Clarke County Added One New Death From COVID-19 In Noon Daily Status Report; Oconee County Added Another Confirmed Case

***Elbert County Added First Case***

Clarke County added one new death as a result of COVID-19 in the noon Daily Status Report for Friday, bringing the total deaths in the 10-county Northeast Health District of the Georgia Department of Health to 12.

The death was of a 98-year-old male with underlying conditions.

Elbert County, the sole county in the region without a confirmed COVID-19 case, added a single case in the 24 hour period from noon of Thursday to noon of Friday.

Clarke, Oconee, Walton and Madison counties also added a single confirmed case during that time period, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Northeast Health District to 143.

The Department of Health Daily Status Report listed for the state 483 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, 21 new deaths, and 102 new hospitalizations.

These increases are all lower than in the 24-hour-period from noon on Wednesday to noon on Thursday, but the number of new tests also decreased.

The total number of confirmed cases statewide is now 5,832, the number of deaths is 184, and the number of hospitalizations is 1,158.

Update: Six of the 10 counties in the Northeast Health District of the Georgia Department of Health, including Oconee, added confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the period between the noon Daily Status Report and the 7 p.m. report.

Oconee County added two cases, as did Clarke and Madison counties. Green County added three cases, while Barrow and Jackson added one confirmed case each.

The total number of confirmed cases in the state now stands at 5,967, up from 5,831 at noon.

The box in Chart 1 has been revised to reflect the data from the Daily Status Report.

Three Charts

The data from the noon Daily Status Report are summarized in the three charts below.

Chart 1 shows the cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases going back to March 14, when the first case was reported in Clarke County.

Included are the trends for the state data and for Barrow, Oconee and Clarke counties.

My focus on those three counties at that time was because they are part of the SR 316 corridor from Atlanta, where the disease was first detected.

At that time, as Chart 1 shows, Barrow and Oconee counties had no confirmed cases.

Over time, as other counties surrounding Clarke and Oconee counties recorded COVID-19 cases, I expanded the analysis by adding the box at the top left of the chart.

Those nine counties surrounding Clarke and Oconee counties are part of the 10-county Northeast Health District of the Georgia Department of Health. Elbert County is the 10th county.

Elbert County recorded its first case in the last 24 hours, and I added it to the box and summarized the data for the 10-county region in the box.

Chart 1 (Click To Enlarge)

I also included a map to help illustrate the Northeast Health District.

That district how has 143 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths attributed to the disease, eight in Clarke county, two in Barrow, and one each in Oglethorpe and Madison counties.

Eight of the deceased were listed as male, and four were listed as female. (In some cases in the data file in the state, the sex of the deceased is not listed.)

Three of the deceased were in their 60s, five were in their 70s, two were in their 80s, and two were in their 90s.

All but three had underlying conditions.

Chart 2 below summarizes the number of confirmed cases in the state going back to the identification of the first case on March 2 in Atlanta.

It also lists deaths, number of recorded tests, and number of hospitalizations. The latter were added to the Daily Status Report after it was first released on March 12.

Chart 2 (Click To Enlarge)

The final chart below lists the number of confirmed cases and number of deaths in the state for each day going back to March 2.

It also includes the map used with the Daily Status Report today and shows that COVID-19 has been recorded now in 147 of the state’s 159 counties.

On Wednesday, COVID-19 had been recorded in 139 of the counties.

A week before that, it had been in 96 counties.

Chart 3 (Click To Enlarge)


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