Monday, April 13, 2020

NE Health District Adds 13 New Confirmed COVID-19 Cases On Monday: Oconee County And Clarke County Each Add Cases

***No New Deaths Recorded***

The Northeast Health District added 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Georgia Department of Public Health noon Daily Status Report on Monday, including the addition of two cases in Clarke County, one in Oconee, five in Walton County, and four in Green County.

The noon Monday report listed no new deaths in the region.

The added new cases bring to 25 the number in the last two reports, and the Northeast Health District now has 319 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Georgia added 863 new cases in the 24 hours that ended at noon on Monday, up from the 293 added with the Sunday noon Daily Status Report and suggesting the curve for added new cases for the state has not yet begun to flatten.

The number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Georgia increased by 31 with the noon Daily Status Report for Monday, up from five in the Sunday report and suggesting that curve for the number of deaths also is continuing to grow.

The Georgia Department of Public Health released a report on Friday showing 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at six nursing homes in the Northeast Health District.

The report does not include any known deaths at the PruittHealth Grandview home in Athens, though the company has reported 10 deaths at the facility, and the report lists more than one (">1") death at Savannah Court of Lake Oconee in Greene County, though the Daily Status Report lists only one Death in Greene County since tallying began last month.

“It is possible that a facility is reporting different numbers to different entities,” the news release with the Friday report states, “but unless it has been verified by the Department of Public Health, it will not be included in this weekly report.”


I have included four charts with this post.

The first is an update, based on the data reported at noon on Monday, of the confirmed cases in the 10-county Northeast Health District.

Chart 1 (Click To Enlarge)

For the first time in a noon Daily Status Report, the Department of Public Heath on Monday presented a map color coded to reflect confirmed COVID-19 cases on a ratio, weighted to reflect cases per 100,000 population.

The map showed that Oconee, Morgan, Green and Oglethrope counties have a higher ratio than do the other counties in the region.

The Daily Status Report does not show the raw data, so I included them in Chart 2 and provided the same ratios on Monday of the last two weeks as well.

In my earlier charts with ratios, I converted the ratio to cases per 10,000 population but used the larger multiplier here to reflect the map of the Department of Public Health.

Chart 2 (Click To Enlarge)

Chart 3 shows the cumulative data for the state on confirmed cases, deaths, tests, and hospitalizations.

The uptick in the curve for cases, deaths and hospitalizations is reflected in the charts within the larger chart.

Chart 3 (Click To Enlarge)

Chart 4 shows the cases added for deaths and confirmed cases on a daily basis and reflects the jumps in these data with the Monday report.

Chart 4 (Click To Enlarge)

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