Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Oconee County Added Six Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 In Last 48 Hours; Disease Now In 139 Georgia Counties

***State Growth Rate In Last Two Days: 65.2 Percent

Oconee County added three new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours and six in the last 48 hours, representing the largest two-day growth in cases in the county since the Georgia Department of Public Health began its Daily Status Reports on March 12.

Clarke County added a single case from noon of yesterday until the release of the Daily Status Report at noon today, and Barrow County added two cases.

Walton County added six cases, Greene added 1, and Jackson added three.

Across the state, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased at noon today by 821 over noon yesterday. It was the second largest increase in cases since the first state case was reported on March 2. Total number of cases is now 4,638.

In the last two days, the state has added 1,229 new cases, and at least one case is now reported in 139 of the state’s 159 counties.

The 1,229 cases represent an increase by 65.2 percent over the 2,809 confirmed cases reported on Monday (March 30). (The Oconee County increase from 11 to 17 is a growth of 54.5 percent.)

The number of deaths in the state attributable to COVID-19 has increased to 139 from 108 at noon yesterday. No new deaths have been reported in the region surrounding Oconee County.

Three Charts

The first chart below shows the results of the noon Daily Status Reports going back to March 14, when the first cases were reported in the region.

The lines show the changes since March 14 in the number of cases in Barrow, Clarke and Oconee counties as well as the state figures.

Clarke County had two new deaths attributable to COVID-19, according to the 7 p.m. Daily Status Report from the Georgia Department of Health.

The deaths were of a 68-year-old male with unknown underlying conditions and of a 79-year-old woman with underlying conditions.

Chart 1 below has been revised to include, in the box at top, left, the details of the 7 p.m. report.

Chart 1 (Click To Enlarge)

The second chart is made up of four charts showing the state data going back to March 2, when the first case was reported in Atlanta.

The chart of Confirmed Cases shows the continued growth of the number of cases, with the curve being steeper in recent days.

The deviation from the curve is the result, at least in part, of delayed testing, which is shown in the Tests Recorded chart at the bottom left.

The number of Deaths and the number of persons Hospitalized is shown in the remaining charts.

The Daily Status Report only included data on hospitalizations beginning on March 25.

Chart 2 (Click To Enlarge)

The final chart shows the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 added each day going back to March 2.

The irregular nature of the curve reflects in part testing. Where testing has lagged (as shown in Chart 2), the number of new cases reported has been low.

Also inserted into the line chart are three maps, taken from the Daily Status Report on March 18, March 25, and April 1.

On March 18, COVID-19 was reported in 28 counties. On March 25, it was in 96 counties. On April 1, it is in 139 of the state’s 159 counties.

Oconee County is surrounded by counties that have at least one case of sickness due to the coronavirus.

Chart 3 (Click To Enlarge)


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I cannot thank you enough for providing timely and critical information to the citizens of Oconee County. It has never been needed more. We treasure your dedication to the health and welfare of this county during this crisis. I subscribe and check your site many times daily.

Bonnie Jones
Athens, GA (Oconee Couty)

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree with you Bonnie. This is a very serious disease, Bill, to a significant number of people who contract it, so I hope you don't get it.

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Xardox/Bill Mayberry:
although shutting down the world is a clear over-reaction, although just in time for political purposes. At least it's a good rehearsal for when a real nasty bug hits.


Disappointing comments by someone who was not far from being elected to the Watkinsville City Council

"Just in time for political purposes"
What? As that's how a pandemic rolls?? Or is it a sinister conspiracy??
"a good rehearsal for when a real nasty bug hits"
Again, What? Not nasty? Tough thing to say to the 180,000+ Americans with Coronavirus, or the 4,500 families who lost a loved one

Hey X/Bill, Vice-President Pence seems to believe a REAL has hit:
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