Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Northeast Health District Adds 51 New Confirmed COVID-19 Cases On Wednesday, The Largest Number Added In Single Day

***Oconee County Has COVID-19 Death In Nursing Home***

The Northeast Health District of the Georgia Department of Public Health reported 51 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 at noon on Wednesday, the largest increase ever recorded in the District by a Daily Status Report in a 24-hour-period.

Every county but one in the 10-county Northeast Health District reported an increase in cases, with Barrow County reporting 24 new cases.

Oconee County reported two new cases and no deaths in the Daily Status Report, but the separate Long Term Care Facility COVID-19 Report issued by the Department of Public Health listed a recent death at High Shoals Health and Rehabilitation nursing facility in North High Shoals.

The Long-Term Care Facility Report also showed the number of COVID Positive Residents at the nursing facility increasing from one to 12 from May 1 to May 5 and an increase in the COVID Positive Staff from one to two during that time period.

The report shows the number of residents at the North High Shoals nursing home dropping from 81 to 80 with the reported death.

The Department of Public Health consistently has shown discrepancies between the Daily Status Report and the Long Term Care Facility COVID-19 Report, and, based on the Daily Status Report, Oconee County added only one confirmed COVID-19 case between May 1 and May 5.

Barrow County added a facility to the Long-Term Care Facility Report, Mulberry Grove in Statham, with one staff member reported as COVID-19 positive.

The Daily Status Report for 11:25 a.m. on Wednesday added one confirmed COVID-19 death in the Northeast Health District, of a 64-year-old female in Jackson County.

That brings the total number of deaths attributed to the disease to three in Jackson County and 35 in the District.

With the large number of cases added on Wednesday, the seven-day-rolling average of added cases in the Northeast Health District increased from 24.4 to 27.1.

Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry reported on Wednesday that the Georgia Emergency Management Agency added three new COVID-19 Active Cases for Oconee County, bringing the total number of Active Cases in the county to 22.

State Data

Across the state, the number of added confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 1,002 on Wednesday, compared with an increase of 457 on Tuesday and 723 on Wednesday a week ago.

The seven-day rolling average increased from 715.6 on Tuesday to 755.4 on Wednesday.

Testing has increased, but the increase on Wednesday of 3,323 was the smallest in a week except on May 2, when the noon Daily Status Report listed no new testing cases.

The 51 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the noon Daily Status Report on Wednesday compared with the 54 reported on Tuesday and 32 reported on Wednesday a week ago. The seven-day rolling average of deaths reported increased from 34.0 to 36.7.

The Department of Public Health has begun dating deaths not by the day on which the case is reported but by the day of actual death, recognizing that data for the last 14 days are incomplete.

Based on that measure, the seven-day-rolling average for the last day for which data are considered to be complete–April 22–was 35.7, up from 35.1 a day earlier. The rolling average for number of added cases on April 22 was 40.6, down from 42.6 a day earlier.

The Department of Health reported adding 94 deaths dated as occurring in the last week, versus 85 in the last seven days ending at noon on Monday.


The first two charts below summarize data for the Northeast Health District.

The first chart shows number of added cases each day in the Daily Status Report for the district and the rolling average of those added cases.

The second chart summarizes data from the Long-Term Care Facility COVID-19 Report over the last three dates on which it was issued.

The third and fourth charts are for added COVID-19 cases and death based on the increments in each in the Daily Status Reports. Both actual counts and seven-day rolling averages are show in both chart.

The final charts is based on data extracted from the chart in the Daily Status Report that shows deaths, dated not by the time they are reported in the Daily Status Report but by date of actual death.

The trend lines shown in Chart 4 and Chart 5 for the comparable period are more similar than dissimilar.

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