Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Five New COVID-19 Deaths In Northeast Health District, Including One In Oconee County, Listed In Wednesday Daily Status Report

***Oconee Deaths Nearly Equal Those Of Clarke***

Following the pattern of the state as a whole, the Northeast Health District on Wednesday saw large increases in both the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases and in deaths attributed to the disease.

The 10-county region added 133 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report, including 38 in Clarke County and five in Oconee County.

The seven-day rolling average of added cases for the District increased from 102.4 on Tuesday to 110.6 on Wednesday.

The district added five new deaths attributed to COVID-19, including one in Oconee County. Oconee County now has 14 deaths attributed to the disease, while the much larger Clarke County, with four times the number of COVID-19 cases, has 15.

The Oconee County death was of an 87-year-old female with a chronic condition.

Barrow County reported the death of an 83-year-old female with a chronic condition, and Walton County reported the deaths of an 85-year-old male without a known chronic condition and of two females, both labeled as 90 plus in age, one with a chronic condition and the other without.

Eight deaths listed in the Department of Community Health Long-Term Care Facility Report in Jackson County still have not been included in the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report.

The seven-day rolling average of added deaths in the 10-county Northeast Health District, based on the Daily Status Report only, increased to 1.9 on Wednesday from 1.3 on Tuesday.

The Department of Community Health listed three additional cases of COVID-19 Positive Staff among the area’s 27 long-term care facilities with resident and/or staff cases in its Wednesday report.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency reported in its Situation Report COVID-19 on Wednesday that seven Critical Care Beds were available at area hospitals, the same number as the day before.

Athens-Clarke County Commissioner Russell Edwards reported Wednesday evening that sources at both St. Mary’s and Piedmont Athens Regional had told him as of 2:35 p.m. on Wednesday that admissions were being diverted at both hospitals because emergency room, critical care and general hospital beds were at capacity at that time.

State Data

The 10-county Northeast Health District’s growth both in cases and deaths is a reflection of the overall trend in the state.

The state added 3,871 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, and the seven-day rolling average of added cases increased to 3,420.6, a new record.

The state added 37 new deaths from COVID-19 in the Wednesday Daily Status Report, and the seven-day rolling average increased to 24.1 on Wednesday from 22.1 on Tuesday.

Twenty-seven of those 37 deaths were in the last 14 days, and the seven-day rolling average of deaths based on date of occurrence rather than date of reporting increased Wednesday, as it has the last three days.

The Department of Public Health removed two cases from its historical files–one on March 20 and another of July 14–so the actual number of added deaths was 39, rather than 37.

The Department of Community Health removed one long-term care facility from its list of facilities in the state having had COVID-19 cases, without explanation. That report, based on data filed by the facilities themselves and not fully verified, contains many discrepancies day-to-day.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency reported that the number of Current Confirmed COVID-19 Hospitalizations increased to 2,786 on Wednesday, nearly double the number first reported by the Agency on May 1.


The first five charts below are based on data from the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report and have been updated with the 2:50 p.m. issuance of that report on Wednesday.

The final chart is based on data from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency Situation Report COVID-19 and is updated based on the Wednesday afternoon release of that report.

Charts 1 and 2 are for the 10-county Northeast Health District, and Chart 3 is for Oconee and Clarke counties only. These two counties are part of the Northeast Health District.

Charts 4 through 6 are for the state of Georgia as a whole.

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