Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Growth In Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Eased On Wednesday In Region And Across The State; Deaths Increasing

***Northeast Health District Added Two Deaths***

At the regional and state level, growth in the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases eased slightly on Wednesday, but the number of new deaths attributed to the disease increased.

The 10-county Northeast Health District, which includes Oconee and Clarke counties, added 111 new cases in the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report on Wednesday, and the seven-day rolling average of added cases dropped from 124.3 on Tuesday to 121.1 on Wednesday.

Oconee County added 10 cases on Wednesday and Clarke County added 20. In the last 21 days–a broad definition of active cases–Oconee County has added 155 cases, and Clarke County has added 732.

The Daily Status Report added two new deaths attributed to COVID-19 on Wednesday, a 67-year-old male in Barrow County with a chronic condition and a 42-year-old female in Greene County without a known chronic condition.

The Daily Status Report also removed a death from Oglethorpe County–of a 63-year-old female without a known condition. The death, the Daily Status Report data suggest, was moved to another venue, but it isn’t clear which one that was.

The seven-day rolling average of added deaths in the Northeast Health District dropped to 1.0 on Wednesday from 1.6 on Tuesday. The number of added deaths used in that calculation was one.

The Department of Community Affairs on Wednesday removed the two deaths at the Pruitt Health Athens Heritage nursing home in Clarke County it had included on Monday in its list of COVID-19 deaths at area long-term care facilities.

The Department of Community Health has at least seven additional deaths in Jackson County reported since June 29 in its Long-Term Care Facility Reports that have not been included in the Daily Status Report of the Department of Public Health.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency reported on Wednesday that eight Critical Care Beds were available at area hospitals, down from nine on Tuesday.

State Data

Across the state, the Daily Status Report listed 3,314 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, and the seven-day rolling average of added cases dropped from 3,575.0 on Tuesday to 3,495.4 on Wednesday.

The state added 81 deaths, the second highest number ever added, and the seven-day rolling average of added deaths jumped to 34.9 on Monday from 28.6 on Tuesday.

Fifth-five of those deaths were in the last 14 days, and the seven-day rolling average of deaths based on date of occurrence rather than date of reporting also increased.

The Department of Public Health removed a case from its records from April 16 and added one on April 15 (probably the same case), so the actual number of added cases was 82, not 81.

The Georgia Department of Community Health, in its Wednesday Long-Term Care Facility Report, listed 587 facilities around the state with COVID-19 cases among their residents and/or staff, up from 582 on Tuesday.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency, in its Wednesday Situation Report COVID-19, listed 3,179 Current Confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations. That figure had been 3,155 on Tuesday. (This is a correction for the original post. I apologize for the error.)

The Agency listed 1,190 ventilators in use, and that figure has increased in each of the last three reports.


All five charts below are based on data from the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report and have been updated with the 2:50 p.m. release of that report on Wednesday.

The first two charts are for the 10-county Northeast Health District.

Chart three is for Oconee and Clarke counties.

Charts 4 and 5 are for the state of Georgia as a whole.

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