Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Chris Greer’s Georgia Discovered Has Gone Into Second Printing

***Zoom Interview On Book’s Genesis***

In just two short months, Chris Greer’s book, Georgia Discovered, Exploring The Best Of The Peach State, has sold out all of the 2,000 copies of the first printing.

The second printing is now available, and Greer is off to a good start toward meeting the goal of selling 5,000 copies in the first year of publication.

The book is a combination of travel tips and beautiful pictures.

Greer, in fact, says his goal was to “look at the state from the point of view of the camera.”

Greer, 42, lives in Lake Wellbrook, across Barber Creek from me, and we met several years ago when he volunteered to do some drone photography for this blog.

I wanted to explore the remote interview format, so I asked Chris to “sit down with me” for a Zoom interview about the book.

I wanted to know where the idea for the book originated, how he went about writing and producing it, how he thinks people should use the book, and what his favorite pictures and sites are.


The answers to those and other questions are in the just-less than 30 minute video below.

Greer With Book
I edited out some chatter at the beginning as we tried to adjust the cameras and at the end as we wandered into a few topics related to Greer’s web page but not the book.

It is possible to learn more about the book, get links for its purchase, and see Chris’s work at that web page: https://www.chrisgreerphotography.com

But I hope you’ll watch the video below as well.

Open the video on your mobile phone and take it with you around the house while you’re doing some other chore.

You don’t need to watch Chris as he is talking or me at all, but you’ll be able to listen to the interview and tune in when Chris is illustrating things about the book.

I’ll be interested in your feedback.


DebY said...

I was so intrigued with the story in the Oconee Magazine that I went right on and ordered two copies for my sisters' birthdays in July and August. Did NOT order one for myself - and truly don't know why! I'm so glad that his first printing has been so successful....and I do intend to order my own copy soon.

Unknown said...

Great virtual interview and camera work for a novice, Lee! I'm excited to get a copy of this book. I hope Chris continues with a 2nd edition down the road.
-David Lawrence (North High Shoals)

Unknown said...

Good, thorough, virtual interview from Lee and Chris. I can't wait to see the photos & read this book. Chris mentioned visiting & photographing many places that I also find extremely beautiful here in Georgia.

-David Lawrence (North High Shoals)