Saturday, August 29, 2020

Department Of Public Health Lists One New Death Attributed To COVID-19 In Northeast Health District And 146 New COVID-19 Cases

***Unemployment Rate Remains Largely Unchanged***

The Department of Public Health listed another COVID-19 Death in the Northeast Health District with release of the Daily Status Report on Saturday. The Report also listed 146 new confirmed cases of the disease.

It was the 16th day in a row the Daily Status Report included a death in the 10-county Northeast Health District, bringing the total number of deaths from the disease in the District to 191.

The death was of a 54-year-old male in Greene County without a known chronic condition.

The seven-day rolling average of added deaths was 2.3, compared with 2.4 on Friday. A week ago the Daily Status Report listed two deaths in the District.

The 146 new COVID-19 cases brought the seven-day rolling average of added cases in the District to 129.0 on Saturday, nearly the same as the 129.1 on Friday.

Every county in the district added cases, with Oconee County adding five and Clarke County adding 52.

The Georgia Hospital Association and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency on Saturday reported that area hospitals had 110 COVID-19 patients, down from 111 on Friday, 65 ICU Beds In Use, up from 61 on Friday, and 27 ventilators in use, down from 28 on Friday.

The Georgia Department of Labor at the end of the week released its preliminary estimates of unemployment in the state in July, giving evidence of the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.

Though the June figures had shown declines in unemployment, as had those in May, July unemployment remained largely unchanged from the month before.

Unemployment Data

Unemployment had jumped dramatically in April, as the state shut down the economy in response to the pandemic.

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Unemployment across the state had jumped to 12.2 percent in April from 4.5 percent the month earlier.

In Oconee County, the increases were not as dramatic, with the unemployment rate going from 3.3 percent to 8.7 percent, while in Clarke County the rate increased from 4.7 percent to 12.2.

Both counties saw declines in the unemployment rates in May and again in June.

The unemployment rate in Oconee County did continue to decline from June to July, from 4.6 percent to 4.1 percent, but Clarke County saw no change in its rate during that period.

Elbert, Greene, Madison, Morgan, Oglethorpe and Walton counties saw small increases, based on the preliminary data for July.

The statewide unemployment rate for July is more than double the rate of July of last year.

State COVID-19 Data

Across the state on Saturday, the Department of Public Health recorded 106 deaths attributed to COVID-19, and the seven-day rolling average of added deaths increased to 70.7 from 69.1 on Friday.

Of those deaths, 60 occurred in the last 14 days, and the seven-day rolling average of added deaths dated by occurrence also increased on Saturday over Friday’s figure.

One of the added deaths was dated for May 31, and the Department of Health reported that it removed one of the deaths earlier listed as attributable to COVID-19.

The state added 2,428 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Saturday Daily Status Report, and the seven-day rolling average of added cases dropped to 2,285.0 from 2,311.7 on Friday.

The seven-day rolling average of added molecular tests also dropped on Saturday, and the percentage of molecular tests producing a positive verdict dropped from 9.0 on Friday to 8.7 on Saturday.

The Department of Community Health did not release a Long-Term Care Facility Report on Saturday.

The Georgia Hospital Association and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency on Saturday reported that hospitals across the state had 1,987 COVID-19 patients, down from 2,081 on Friday, 2,459 ICU Beds In Use, down from 2,496 on Friday, and 1,085 ventilators in use, down from 1,118 on Friday. (Figures revised on 8/30.)


All four charts below are based on data from the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report and have been updated to include data from the release of that report at 2:50 p.m. on Saturday.

Charts 1 and 2 include data from the 10-county Northeast Health District of the Department of Public Health, which includes Oconee and Clarke counties.

Charts 3 and 4 show data for the entire state of Georgia.

Click on any of the charts to enlarge it.

Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4


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What is the time period for the most recent reported 5 cases in Oconee County?
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The Daily Status Report is issued each day, usually at 2:50 p.m. So the counts are daily figures, that is, the change in the number of cases from the day before and the change in the number of deaths from the day before.