Saturday, November 21, 2020

Risk-Limiting Audit Moved Three Votes In Oconee County

***Hand Count Resulted In Changes For Three Absentee Ballots***

President Donald Trump gained one vote in Oconee County and Joseph Biden lost two votes as a result of the Risk-Limiting Audit Full Hand Count of the presidential vote completed locally on Monday.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the results on Friday, and Gov. Brian Kemp announced he would sign the paperwork to allocate Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes to Biden.

Trump has two days to demand yet another audit, this one conducted by machine, since he lost by less than a half percentage point. The final gap statewide was 12,284 votes, or 0.2 percentage points.

Fran Leathers, director of Elections and Registration for Oconee County, said such a recount could begin on Monday, when her office also begins early voting for the Dec. 1 runoff in the special election for District Attorney of the Western Judicial Circuit.

Early voting will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Oconee County Civic Center, 2661 Hog Mountain Road, west of Butler’s Crossing.

The candidates are James Chafin, running without party label, and Deborah Gonzalez, running as a Democrat.

Oconee and Clarke counties make up the Western Judicial Circuit and voters in those two counties alone will be participating in the Dec. 1 balloting. No other race is being decided on that date.

Audit Outcome In Oconee

Leathers released on the county web site late on Friday a comparison of the Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) with the original Statement Of Votes Cast (SOVC) certified by the Board of Elections and Registration on Nov. 10

Risk Limiting Audit Results Oconee County
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The three votes that changed were all in the Absentee By Mail (ABM) category and were the result of adjudication of three ballots during the Risk Limiting Audit, the table shows. 

No changes were recorded for the Advance In Person (AIP) voting or Election Day (ED) voting. 

One extra ballot was added to the Absentee By Mail tally in the Risk Limiting Audit, and that went to Trump.

Two absentee ballots originally assigned to Biden were reassigned to Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee, whose name was not on the ballot but who was qualified as an official write-in candidate.

Details released by the Secretary of State Office on Thursday showed the 16,596 votes for Trump, 8,160 votes for Biden, 411 votes for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, and the 27 valid write-in votes, for the total of 25,194 votes shown in the table Leathers released.

In addition, 109 persons wrote in a name that was not qualified and thus was considered invalid, 95 skipped the vote for president, and 1 person voted for more than one candidate.

With those additional votes (109, 95, and 1), the total is 25,399, with is the total number of voters who cast a ballot in the Nov. 3 election. Leathers shows that figure as Total Ballots Counted at the bottom of both sections of her table. 

Other Counts, Local Procedures

In Clarke County, the Risk-Limiting Audit added 70 votes to Trump’s total and 37 to Biden’s total.

The change reduced Biden’s margin over Trump from 21,602 to 21,524.

Across the state of Georgia, the Risk-Limiting Audit added 5,001 votes to Trump’s total and 3,195 to Biden’s total.

The change reduced Biden’s margin of victory from 14,089 to the 12,284.

Leathers said she had to hire personnel for the four audit teams she used in the Risk-Limiting Audit.

Most of the work was completed on Friday and Saturday of last week, but a few details carried over to Monday, she said.

Her office also has worked this week to process absentee ballot requests for the Dec. 1 District Attorney election and to get ready for early voting on Monday, she said.

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Thanks for making these details available, Lee, and thanks to Ms. Leathers and staff for a hard job well done.