Friday, January 22, 2021

Daniells Bridge Road To Be Closed On Saturday For Sewer Line Construction Project

***Crane Needed To Lift Base Of Reservoir In Place***

Daniells Bridge Road will be closed to through traffic from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday for construction at the bridge over Barber Creek of the terminus of a new sewer line.

The construction on Saturday is unrelated to the ongoing construction along Daniells Bridge Road of a new gas line. That construction has resulted in periodic one-way traffic on the road.

On Saturday, barricades will be set up at Natalie Drive/Birchmore Drive on the north and Downs Creek subdivision on the south, and no traffic will be allowed beyond those points during the construction hours.

A heavy crane will be lifting into place the base of a reservoir just below the bridge on the bank of Barber Creek, according to Adam Layfield, engineer with the Oconee County Water Resources Department.

Out of safety concerns, no traffic is being allowed near the construction site, he said.

Message boards at both ends of Daniells Bridge Road will inform drivers of the road closure.

Purpose Of Construction

The reservoir will hold the flow of raw sewage from a gravity-fed line under construction from the massive Parkside development between Mars Hill Road and Hog Mountain.

Construction Site 1/22/2021
Daniells Bridge Road Bridge Over Barber Creek
The line runs along Colliers Creek to Barber Creek and then to the reservoir being built at the bridge.

At present, a deactivated pump station and smaller wet well exist on the site of the new construction, and they will remain, according to Layman.

When the new sewer line is in service, the pump station will be reactivated to pump sewage through a force-feed line already in the ground to the county’s water reclamation facility on Calls Creek northeast of Watkinsville.

The existing pump station was bypassed when the county upgraded its pump station on Epps Bridge Parkway at Parkway Boulevard in 2018. The dormant line in the ground that will be used for the new pump station also was bypassed at that time.

The base being installed on Saturday is eight feet in diameter, Layfield said, and cannot be installed without a crane, Layfield said in a phone conversation on Friday.

The remainder of the reservoir, which will be 22 to 23 feet in depth, can be installed without the crane and needed road closure, he said.

New Sewer Line

As part of a lawsuit between the county and developers of Parkside and Westland, another massive development on U.S. 78 near the Apalachee River, Parkside agreed to install a gravity sewer main from the Parkside development to the the Daniells Bridge lift or pump station.

New Sewer Line Map
The line will allow Parkside to develop with residential sewer service.

Athens Construction Group, owned by Mark Jennings, who also is the developer of Parkside, is doing the work on the sewer line and the reservoir at Daniells Bridge Road on Saturday, Layfield said.

The county is paying for an expansion of the reservoir to accommodate additional future sewer from North Oconee High School and other areas in the west of the county and to allow the county to decommission the Land Application System site on Rocky Branch Road near the High School, Layfield said.

The additional cost for the expansion is estimated to be about $109,500 at present, he said.

Most of the LAS property is to be converted to parkland in the future.

Layfield said the remainder of the work on the sewer line should be completed in about another eight or nine months.

Road Closure Map

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