Friday, November 12, 2021

COVID Cases In Northeast Health District, Oconee, Clarke, Resume Downward Movement, Reversing Increase Of Last Week

***Oconee School Cases Remain Unchanged***

The 10-county Northeast Health District added 290 new cases of COVID-19 in the week ending on Friday, down sharply from the 561 cases added a week earlier, and 11 new confirmed deaths from the disease, down from 18 added last week.

Three of the confirmed deaths in the last week were in Clarke County.

The average number of added cases in the District was 41.1 per day, about half of the average of 80.1 for the week ending Nov. 5.

The average number of cases was down from the 65.5 average on Oct. 29.

Last week’s average had been the first increase in the average number of cases per week since this statistic had peaked on Sept. 3.

Oconee County added 29 cases in the week ending on Friday, down from 59 on Friday of last week.

Clarke County added 79 new cases on Friday, down from 99 on Friday of last week.

Rolling Averages

The seven-day rolling average of added cases in Oconee County on Friday per 100,000 population was 9.2, and it was 8.0 in Clarke County.

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A week ago those rolling averages had been 19.5 in Oconee County and 10.5 in Clarke County.

The unstandardized rolling average of added cases in Oconee County on Friday was 3.9, compared with 8.1 a week earlier.

In Clarke County, the unstandardized seven-day rolling average of added cases on Friday was 10.3, compared with 13.7 a week earlier.

The Clarke County deaths added this week were of a 57-year-old male, a 64-year-old female, and a 68-year-old male, none of whom had a chronic condition.

The deaths brings to 176 the number of confirmed deaths from the disease in Clarke County since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Clarke County has added at least one confirmed death from COVID every week since Aug. 27.

The remaining confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the Northeast Health District in the last week were in Jackson (4), Madison (1), Oglethorpe (1), and Walton (2) counties.

The Northeast Health District now has recorded 1,240 deaths from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Northeast Health District had 117 “probable” deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, an increase of one from the week earlier.

Elbert and Morgan counties each reported a new “probable” death, but one “probable” death in Oconee County was removed from the list.

These data are from the Friday Daily Status Report of the Department of Public Health.

Oconee County Schools

As of the end of classes on Thursday, Oconee County Schools had recorded 397 cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the school year on Aug. 4, based on data released by the schools in response to open records requests filed by a group of parents.

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The parents are reporting the released data on the Safety First Facebook page, but they also have released the data to me for my own analysis. 

As of the beginning of the 14th full week of classes on Nov. 8, the number of reported cases had been 387, up by eight from Nov. 1. Oconee County Schools added 10 cases in the four days ending on Thursday.

Oconee County Schools releases to the public only the number of Active Cases in the schools at the end of the class week.

In its report on Friday, Oconee County Schools listed 13 Active COVID-19 Cases, up from 12 a week earlier.

School Age Data, Test Positivity Rates

The Georgia Department of Public Health School Age Data Report on Friday mistakenly reported only the data for a week earlier.

In Oconee County, the seven-day rolling average of the positivity rate of the molecular PCR test for COVID-19 was 9.0 percent on Friday, up from 6.2 percent on Friday of last week.

In Clarke County on Friday, the seven-day rolling average of the positivity rate of PCR tests was 3.5 percent, up from 3.2 percent on Nov. 5.

University, Hospital Reports

The University of Georgia on Wednesday, in its COVID-19 Health and Exposure Updates, reported 22 positive COVID-19 tests, the same as the 22 in the previous week, based on updated figures.

The report covered the period of Nov. 1 to 7.

The University reported that 463 walk-in tests were performed on individuals by the University Health Center, down from 574 a week earlier, and three of the tests last week came back positive.

The positivity rate for the walk-in tests was 0.6 percent, compared with 0.2 percent a week earlier.

The Georgia Hospital Association and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency reported on Friday that the number of COVID-19 patients at area hospitals was 44, up from 39 a week earlier.

The number of ICU beds in use was 65, up from 63 a week earlier, and the number of adult ventilators in use was 29, down from 30 a week earlier.

The listed number of available ICU beds at area hospitals is 70, and the hospitals expand that number as demand increases.

Vaccine Updates

According to the raw data behind the Department of Public Health Vaccine Distribution Dashboard for Friday, 46.7 percent of the residents of the Northeast Health District had at least one dose of a vaccine and 42.9 percent were fully vaccinated.

Those percentages have hardly moved in recent weeks. Last week, those figures were 46.3 percent with at least one dose of the vaccine and 42.7 percent fully vaccinated.

In Oconee County, 58.2 percent of the population has at least one dose and 54.1 percent is fully vaccinated. Those figures had been 57.5 percent and 54.0 percent last week.

In Clarke County, 49.0 percent of the population has as least one dose and 45.0 percent is fully vaccinated. Those figures were 48.4 percent and 44.8 percent last week.

These figures differ from those on the Vaccine Dashboard because the Department of Public Health uses old projections--and lower numbers--for the populations of the two counties.

Vaccine Administrations

The Northeast Health District added 9,894 vaccinations in the week ending on Friday, compared with 11,550 added in the week ending on Nov. 5.

Oconee County added 1,102 new vaccinations in the last seven days ending on Friday, compared with 1,108 added the week earlier.

Clarke County added 2,850 new vaccinations in the last seven days, compared with 2,726 a week earlier.

The Department of Public Health is not providing data on the number of added vaccination that are boosters.

State, National Comparisons

Georgia, with 48.8 percent of its population fully vaccinated, ranks ninth from the bottom among the 50 states, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Nationally, the percentage of persons fully vaccinated was nearly 10 percentage points higher on Friday at 58.7 percent.

At present, the vaccine is being administered only to those 12 years old and older.

Nationally, 68.6 percent of the population 12 or older is vaccinated.

That figure is 57.6 percent in Georgia.

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