Saturday, February 18, 2023

Self-Storage Units Proposed Instead Of Business Park At U.S. 441 And New High Shoals Road

***Three Buildings On Site Plan***

In 2015, Halloran Masonry, an Athens construction contractor, told the county it planned to move its corporate offices to one of three lots in a business park it proposed to develop at the southwest corner of U.S. 441 and New High Shoals Road.

Halloran Masonry has changed its plans, and now it wants to build a self-storage facility consisting of up to four interior or external loaded building that could be up to two stories in height.

The Athens construction contractor will make its pitch for a change in its plans for the 7-acre parcel before the Oconee County Planning Commission, which meets at 7 p.m. on Monday at the Courthouse in Watkinsville

Halloran Masonry owns just less than 10 acres at the New High Shoals Road intersection with U.S. 441. The roughly three acres closest to U.S. 441 remain zoned for highway business development.

In 2015, Halloran Masonry listed a drug store and general commercial building as possible uses of those three acres.

Also on Monday, the Planning Commission will hear a request to rezone a small parcel of land on Hog Mountain Road to allow for expansion of an existing business park near the Stonebridge Parkway intersection.

Self-Storage Proposal

Halloran Masonry gave no explanation of its changes in plans for the business park in the narrative it submitted with its request before the Planning Commission.

Submitted Representative Architecture

The narrative simply states that the property is “currently zone OBP with a binding rezone plan for an office park as part of a split zoned parcel.”

OBP stands for Office Business Park, and the reference to the split zone is to the remaining three acres zoned for highway business (B-2).

Halloran Masonry is not seeking a rezone of the seven acres zoned OBP but rather is seeking to change the site plan for use of the property and to obtain a variance to allow for a new use in the OBP zoning.

The new proposed new use of the property is the self-storage facility consisting of up to four interior and/or exterior loaded buildings.

The narrative states that “The buildings will be similar to other new storage buildings in the area consisting of an exterior of brick and/or stone with some stucco accents.”

Access to the storage facilities will be from New High Shoals Road using a shared drive way with the B-2 zoned property.

Storm Water Pond

R&C Development Enterprises, LLC, which owns just less than 23 acres on Stone Bridge Parkway that is it developing as a residential neighborhood, wants to split off about a half acre of that land that touches on Hog Mountain Road.

According to the narrative submitted with the application, Barrs Industries LLC has a contract to purchase the small parcel, pending approval of the rezone request.

Barrs Industries plans to use the acreage for a storm water storage facility as part of an expansion to the existing business park just east of the small parcel on Hog Mountain Road.

John Ray is the authorized signers for R&C Development. The corporate address is in Lawrenceville.

Andrew Bars is the organizer of Barrs Industries, with an address of 1971 Hog Mountain Road.

The county planning staff has recommended approval of both of the requests before the Planning Commission on Monday.

NOTE: This story has been updated to indicate that four storage units are planned by Halloran Masonry. The original post said that three units would be built, based on the narrative submitted with the plans. The site plan, however, shows four units, and the staff review lists four buildings. I apologize for not catching the discrepancy

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