Sunday, May 17, 2020

Daily Status Report Adds No New Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Or Deaths For Northeast Health District On Sunday

***Oconee And Barrow Lose Cases***

The Department of Public Health Daily Status Report on Sunday produced positive news for the Northeast Health District with no new deaths attributed to COVID-19 and a reduced number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the region.

For the second time, the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report either reassigned or disallowed two COVID-19 confirmed positive cases, one in Oconee County and one in Barrow County, with the 1 p.m. report on Sunday.

The Department of Public Health had reduced its count of cases in the Northeast Health District once before, on April 26, also a Sunday, that time by three cases.

The seven-day rolling average of added cases in the region, based on the Daily Status Report, declined from 16.3 on Saturday to 13.7 on Sunday

The Daily Status report had reported three deaths on Saturday, of a 90-plus-year-old man in Barrow County with underlying conditions, a 78-year-old female in Green County without known underlying conditions, and of a 83-year-old female in Walton County with underlying conditions.

The total number of deaths in the region attributed to the disease in the Daily Status Report stands at 45.

The Department of Community Health did not issue a Long-Term Care Facility Report either on Saturday or Sunday.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency Situation Report for late Saturday listed 19 Critical Care Beds available in regional hospitals, up from16 on Saturday.

Across the state, the Daily Status Report added 495 new cases on Sunday, bringing the seven-day rolling average of added cases up to 667.6 from 664.3 on Saturday.

The state added 14 deaths attributed to COVID-19 on Sunday, bringing the seven-day rolling average of added deaths up to 28.9 from 27.4.

The Department of Public Health is reporting that 10 of those 14 deaths occurred in the last 14 days. On Saturday, it reported that 12 of the 35 added deaths were within the last 14 days.


The three charts below summarize the data from the Sunday 1 p.m. Daily Status Report first for the 10-county Northeast Health District (Chart 1) and for the state (Charts 2 and 3).

Chart 1 (Click To Enlarge)

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Chart 3 (Click To Enlarge)

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