Monday, June 08, 2020

Average Number Of Daily COVID-19 Cases In Northeast Health District Increased Again On Monday

***One New Death From Disease Reported***

The seven-day rolling average of new cases of COVID-19 in the 10-county Northeast Health District increased on Monday with the addition of 33 new confirmed cases of the disease.

Only Morgan and Madison counties did not add cases in the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report released at 3 p.m. on Monday.

Oconee County added two new cases, and Clarke County added four.

The seven-day rolling average of cases added increased from 24.1 cases per day on Sunday to 26.3 on Monday.

The Department of Public Health Daily Status Report also added one death in the Northeast Health District attributed to COVID-19 on Monday, of a 67-year-old male in Walton County without chronic conditions.

The seven-day rolling average of added deaths per day in the Northeast Health District dropped from 2.4 on Sunday to 2.3 on Monday.

The Department of Community Health on Monday, in its Long-Term Care Facility Report, listed four new deaths of residents of long-term care facilities in the Northeast Health District. The last Department of Community Health report had been on Friday.

During that same period, the Daily Status Report listed only one additional death. The state makes no effort to explain the differences in these two reports, and discrepancies have been common.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency on Monday listed 26 Critical Care Beds available at area hospitals, the same number as on Sunday.

Oconee County Schools announced at the Board of Education meeting on Monday that the substitute In-Person High School Graduation ceremonies planned for June have been postponed to July because of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

State Data

The Department of Public Health Daily Status Report on Monday listed 599 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the state and 28 new deaths attributed to the disease.

The seven-day average of added cases dropped from 701.7 on Sunday to 697.0 on Monday.

The seven-day moving average of deaths dropped from 19.7 on Sunday to 19.1 on Monday.

Of the 28 new deaths added on Monday, 26 of them occurred in the last 14 days, and the seven-day rolling average of deaths dated by occurrence increased on Monday from Sunday.

The Department of Community Health reported on Monday that COVID-19 was present in 422 long-term care facilities around the state, up from 413 on Friday.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency reported on Monday that the Number of Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations in the state increased by 36 from Sunday, while the number of ventilators in use decreased by eight.

Board Of Education Meeting

Issues surrounding COVID-19 had a strong presence at the Monday Oconee County Board of Education meeting, held virtually because of the pandemic.

Screen Shot As LeDuff Finishes Report

Saranna Charping, chief financial officer for Oconee County Schools, told the Board that collections for the system’s Education Local Option Sales Tax were down in May from May of a year ago.

The actual decline was from $628,529 in May of 2019 to $561,929 in May of 2020, or a drop of 10.6 percent.

“This is no surprise,” Charping said. “We expect a decrease in light of the current circumstances. But we will continue to monitor these collections closely.”

Graduation Plans

Dallas LeDuff, director of Student Services, told the Board on Monday of the decision to postpone In-Person Graduation ceremonies yet another month.

“As you know,” LeDuff said, “we’ve been collaborating with high school principals and District staff to evaluate the feasibility of holding our ceremony in June or July while still complying with the limits on gathering and social distancing.

“After careful consideration and reviewing state and local guidelines,” LeDuff said, “we have decided to cancel the June In-Person Graduation date. We still hope to hold in person graduation in July.”

The new dates are July 24 for North Oconee High School and July 25 for Oconee County High School.

The Board, at the request of Superintendent Jason Branch, adopted a spending resolution that allows the system to spend money in the coming two months at the same level as last year.

The action was necessary because the Board of Education has not passed a new budget. That action is delayed because the General Assembly is in hiatus because of COVID-19. The state, in the current fiscal year, provides more than half of the funding for Oconee County schools.

I have embedded below the video of the Monday meeting of the Board of Education.


Charts 1, 2, 4 and 5 below are based on data from the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report and have been updated as of 3 p.m. on Monday.

The first two charts are for the 10-county Northeast Health District. The final two charts are for the state of Georgia as a whole.

The third chart is based on data for the 10-county Northeast Health District taken from the Department of Community Health Long-Term Care Facility Report. The data are current as of 2 p.m. on Monday, according to the Department of Community Health.

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Chart 2 (Click To Enlarge)

Chart 3 (Click To Enlarge)

Chart 4 (Click To Enlarge)

Chart 5 (Click To Enlarge)


The video below is of the virtual meeting of the Board of Education on Monday.

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