Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Twenty-Five New COVID-19 Cases In Northeast Health District Push Up The Seven-Day Rolling Average Of Added Cases

***Department Of Public Health Adds Five COVID-19 Deaths***

The Department of Public Health on Tuesday added five deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the 10-county Northeast Health District and 25 new confirmed cases of the disease.

The large number of new cases increased the seven-day rolling average of added cases per day in the Northeast Health District to 27.3, up from 26.3 on Monday.

Every county in the District except for Elbert County added at least one case. Oconee County added two cases, and Clarke County added three.

The five deaths were tie for the second largest number of deaths added in the district in a single day, but less than the seven deaths added a week ago, and the seven-day rolling average of added deaths dropped from 2.3 on Monday to 2.0 on Tuesday.

The District had been averaging about one death per day until May 15, when the number began to increase.

The new deaths were in Madison and Walton counties.

The Madison County death–only the second in the county attributed to COVID-19--was of a female without known chronic conditions who was listed as 90 plus in age.

The four Walton County deaths were of four females, one aged 80, one aged 81, and two aged 89. Three of the four did not have known chronic conditions and the fourth was listed as having no chronic condition.

The Department of Community Health in its Long-Term Care Facility Report on Tuesday did not list any new deaths at the 22 long-term care facilities in the Northeast Health District with COVID-19 cases.

The Long-Term Care Facility Report listed a decrease in the number of current COVID-19 Positive Residents at those 22 facilities from 219 on Monday to 217 on Tuesday.

The High Shoals Health and Rehabilitation nursing home in North High Shoals in the west of Oconee County was listed as having 21 Current COVID-19 Positive Residents in the Tuesday report, down from 27 in the Monday report.

State Data

The Department of Public Health Daily Status Report for 2:50 p.m. on Tuesday listed 752 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, and the seven-day average of added cases increased from 697.0 on Monday to 720.3 on Tuesday.

The Daily Status Report added 77 new deaths, and the seven-day average of added deaths increased dramatically from 19.1 on Monday to 26.1 on Tuesday.

The Department of Public Health said that only 35 of those deaths actually occurred in the last 14 days, but even with this assignment of the remaining 42 deaths further back in time, the seven-day average of deaths by time increased Tuesday.

An examination of the data behind the chart in the Daily Status Report showing deaths by date of occurrence indicates that 78 new deaths actually were recorded, as one death earlier reported for April 6 was removed.

On Saturday, the Department of Public Health initially removed 21 deaths from its list of deaths attributed to COVID-19 but then reinstated 18 of those in a “corrected” Daily Status Report when the discrepancy became obvious.

The Tuesday Daily Status Report listed one of the new deaths reported on Tuesday as having occurred on March 27, and 13 of them in April.

The early listing of deaths first included in the Tuesday Daily Status Report reflects either poor reporting procedures for deaths submitted to the Department of Public Health or an effort to hide the impact of the new cases in the chart included in the Report showing deaths from the disease.

The Department of Community Health listed 427 long-term care facilities in the state with COVID-19 in its Tuesday report, up from 422 on Monday.


The Georgia Emergency Management Agency had not released its Tuesday Situation Report COVID-19 by early evening on Tuesday.

All five charts below are based on data from the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report, updated with the report on Tuesday.

Charts 1 and 2 are for the 10-county Northeast Health District.

Chart 3 is for Oconee County only.

Charts 4 and 5 are for the state of Georgia.

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