Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Hammock Defeats Mauck In Republican Primary Runoff For Oconee County School Board Post 3

***Collins, Johnson-Green Favored In U.S. House Races***

Ryan Hammock soundly defeated Julie Mauck in the runoff Tuesday for the Oconee County Republican Party nomination for Post 3 on the Board of Education.

Hammock won in each of the county’s eight precincts.

He also won in early voting, absentee ballot voting, and election day voting.

His final figure was 57.9 percent to Mauck’s 42.1 percent.

Most of the votes cast by Oconee County voters were in the Republican Party Primary runoff, and Oconee County voters overwhelmingly selected Mike Collins over Vernon Jones as the party nominee in the 10th Congressional District.

Oconee County Democrats narrowly selected Tabitha Johnson-Green over Jessica Fore in the 10th Congressional District race.

Oconee Democrats voted for Charlie Bailey for Lieutenant Governor, Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State, William Boddie Jr. for Labor Commissioner, and Janice Laws Robinson for Insurance Commissioners.

With 94 percent of the ballots counted, Collins and Johnson-Green were far ahead in the District-wide votes in U.S. House District 10. With 85 percent of the vote counted statewide, Bailey, Nguyen, Boddie and Robinson were ahead by large margins.


Only 6,371 (21.7 percent) of the county’s 29,349 active voters cast a ballot in the runoff on Tuesday.

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That 21.7 percent figure compares with the turnout of 41.9 percent in the May 24 election, when 29,155 voters were classified as active.

The total number of voters in the May election was 12,215.

Oconee County voters cast 5,787 (90.8 percent) Republican ballots on Tuesday, and 584 (9.2 percent) Democratic ballots.

In the May 24 election, Oconee County voters had cast 1,449 Democratic ballots (11.9 percent), 10,677 Republican ballots (87.4 percent), and 89 nonpartisan ballots.

No nonpartisan races were on the ballot for the runoff.

Election Details

Mauck’s 42.1 percent of the vote was just slightly better than her 41.7 percent vote in the three-way race in the Republican Primary on May 24, when 4,890 more voters cast a Republican ballot.

Hammock got 38.3 percent of the vote on May 24, and Elliott Rogers had 20.0 percent of the vote.

Rogers endorsed Hammock in the runoff.

Voters who used the Republican party ballot or the Democratic Party ballot on May 24 had to use that same ballot in the runoff, but voters who had used the nonpartisan ballot or had not voted on May 24 could select either party’s ballot in the runoff.

Precinct Analysis

In the May Republican Party Primary, Mauck got more than 40 percent of the vote in all but two precincts, Dark Corner and Bogart. She did best in Colham Ferry.

In the runoff, she got more than 40 percent in all precincts but Dark Corner and Marswood Hall. She lives in City Hall precinct.

In the May Republican Primary, Hammock did best in Bogart and Marswood Hall, where he got more than 40 percent of the vote. His home precinct is Dark Corner.

In the runoff, Hammock did best in Dark Corner and Marswood Hall, where he got more than 60 percent of the vote.

No Democrat filed to run in the Post 3 School Board race, but Melissa Eagling has qualified to run as an Independent, pending submission by July 12 of 1,425 petitions from voters asking that her name be placed on the ballot.

Ryan Repetske also has qualified to run as an Independent in November for School Board Post 2, pending submission of petitions from 1,425 voters.

Incumbent Amy Parrish is the Republican Party nominee for Post 2 on the Board of Education.


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